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Fall into the MRC!

The State of the MRC

On October 1st, the MRC entered its 35th fiscal year, and its most ambitious year yet. With a more concise and inclusive mission and aggressive goals, the MRC is heading into 2017 with purpose and conviction. The MRC faces its greatest opportunity and challenge as it begins the important work of leading the effort to move proactive recycling policy and funding through the legislature before the end of Governor Snyder's final term in office. Read the full report! 

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Indian River SummerFest 2016

Over the long weekend of July 21st-24th, the Michigan Recycling Coalition, with the generous financial help of the Steve Chalker Memorial Fund (SCMF), helped bring the message of Recycle, MI to SummerFest in Indian River for the second year. SCMF Volunteers placed and serviced about 25 bins along the streets of downtown Indian River, Devoe Beach, and Marina Park. This year's efforts over the 4 days of the festival produced 168 pounds of recyclables - three times the amount collected at last year's SummerFest!

The hard work of volunteers and the generous support of SCMF donors and volunteers and SummerFest sponsors are what made this SummerFest recycling effort such a success. Recycling was expanded this year to collect plastics #1-6, cardboard, and aluminum cans. The MRC staffed an educational booth where local recycling information was provided along with an educational game called "Bin it to Win it." Booth educational tools were donated by Schupan Recycling. Booth game prizes were donated by Brasswind Landing, Big Bear Adventures, and Dairy Mart

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Recycling at SummerFest in Indian River

Indian River, MI - The statewide Recycle, MI campaign and the Steve Chalker Memorial Fund (SCMF) will sponsor recycling at SummerFest in Indian River, MI this year. Recycle, MI is a marketing campaign developed to raise awareness and participation in recycling programs across the state and to encourage recycling "where you live, work, and play." The Steve Chalker Memorial Fund was created in memory of Indian River native Steve Chalker after his passing in 2014. He was a passionate recycling professional and was a board member of the Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) for many years. On July 22nd and 23rd, MRC staff and local volunteers can be found at a booth during the craft fair at SummerFest with games, prizes, and information on local recycling resources. With funding from SCMF, recycling containers and services will be available throughout the downtown area and at the local beach. 

Help us help you! Below are some easy tips for proper recycling at SummerFest: 

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Summer Intern Jenny McCullen

Jenny comes to the MRC from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she is majoring in Sustainable Business (just like Katie!) and minoring in Women's Studies. 

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