Recycling at SummerFest in Indian River

Indian River, MI - The statewide Recycle, MI campaign and the Steve Chalker Memorial Fund (SCMF) will sponsor recycling at SummerFest in Indian River, MI this year. Recycle, MI is a marketing campaign developed to raise awareness and participation in recycling programs across the state and to encourage recycling "where you live, work, and play." The Steve Chalker Memorial Fund was created in memory of Indian River native Steve Chalker after his passing in 2014. He was a passionate recycling professional and was a board member of the Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) for many years. On July 22nd and 23rd, MRC staff and local volunteers can be found at a booth during the craft fair at SummerFest with games, prizes, and information on local recycling resources. With funding from SCMF, recycling containers and services will be available throughout the downtown area and at the local beach. 

Help us help you! Below are some easy tips for proper recycling at SummerFest: 

  1. Please do not put items in the recycling bins that cannot be recycled. All accepted recyclables for this event include: disposable water bottles, empty beverage cans, and cardboard. 
  2. Please make sure to empty any food or beverage from the recyclables before placing them in the bin. 
  3. If you are unsure if something is recyclable, please check the signs on the bins. If the item is not listed, it should most likely be put in the trash. 

For more information on proper recycling, Recycle, MI, the Steve Chalker Memorial Fund, or the Michigan Recycling Coalition, check out our website at If you are interested in volunteering with MRC at SummerFest, or contributing to the Steve Chalker Memorial Fund, please contact our intern, Jennifer McCullen, with any questions. 

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